Easy, simple effective.
— JB

Who is it for?

  • Kinesiology is for everyone. We work with babies, toddlers, primary school age children, teenagers, adults and there are many benefits for the elderly too. Kinesiology can also be really beneficial for animals!

How can Kinesiology help my child?

  • If you child is struggling with any aspect of their life then we can help! We have helped children with concentration, handwriting, listening, co-ordination, posture, eating issues, sleeping challenges, self confidence, making friends, attachment issues.

How can Kinesiology help me?

  •  Kinesiology lets your body do the talking. We can help you with stress, goal setting, decision making, posture, pain, nutrition, family relationships, coping with life!

How long does a session take?

  •  An individual consultation lasts for about an hour

What happens in a kinesiology session?

  • Each session is different and tailored you as an individual. Sessions are experienced fully clothed, standing or lying down.

  • At the start of your session the Kinesiologist will explain the muscle testing procedure.

  • She will gently place your limbs in different positions whilst applying a light manual pressure to test muscle response.
  • Skilful muscle testing will pinpoint the cause and areas of imbalance and test for the best way to restore energy balance and health.
  • All corrections use non-invasive, gentle techniques. By restoring balance to the energy channels, Kinesiology stimulates the body's natural healing processes and overall efficiency.

What are the benefits?

  • release of emotional stress 

  • relief of physical pain 

  • increased vitality and resistance to illness 
  • help with allergies and nutritional requirements 
  • enhanced functioning of brain and nervous system 
  • improved posture 
  • greater co-ordination 
  • help with learning disorders, phobias and low self esteem 
  • setting and achieving goals

Where do the sessions take place?

  • Our kinesiologists work from various locations throughout the UAE.

How many sessions should I have?

  • The number of sessions will depend on you as an individual. You will be advised but generally our clients visit us every few months.

How soon will I notice the effects?

  •  Each person is different. You may experience a dramatic difference straight away or changes may be more gradual.

Do I have to do anything at home afterwards?

  •  Your Kinesiologist may recommend some activities to  support your session. We will show you exactly what to do.

Is it safe?

  • Kinesiology is a very safe therapy for everyone from infants to the elderly. We do not diagnose or treat diseases – the body is simply allowed to reveal what it needs to restore balance and well being. This usually brings about a marked improvement in health.